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Would you want one of these screens?  

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  1. 1. Would you want one of these screens?

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I have seen people build their own screens, use mesh waste baskets or kitchen colanders to screen for fossils. I have a different source for screens. I have a few surplus screens that started life as trays for surgical instruments. The advantages are they are stainless steel and hold up to some abuse. They do not float though. Most are about 10 x 15 inches and cost $150 and up new, but much less used if you can find them on some auction site. They work great as fossil screens and even can be used to scoop sand or gravel directly into the screen without needing a shovel. Just wondering what to do with my extra ones (and slightly damaged ones).

Anyone out there interested in having one? Would you bid if I put one up as an auction to benefit the forum for example? Has anyone else tried these as well?



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Close ups



Finer mesh


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I would be interested, and yes I would bid if they were put up for auction.:)

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I might. They look like they would fit into a suitcase easily.

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Speaking for myself I would say no since I just built a new set of floating screen sieves but these look quality made and I bet people would be interested.

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those look pretty nice.  Any chance that the big screen would nest inside the fine screen?

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