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Hell Creek vertebra

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Can someone take a look at this and give your thoughts? I bought it without getting it ID'd because of it's ridiculously low price--if I waited to get it ID'd it would have probably been snapped up. So, figured it was worth a buy now, id later.


Anyway, it is sold as been "dinosaur vertebra" from Hell Creek, Montana. I think it is Edmontosaurus because of the heart-shaped centrum--others online seem to have that shape to them. I was wondering if it might also be a Thescelosaurus vertebra given the small size, but most of them I see seem to have more rounded centrums, whereas this is quite prominently heartshaped.


Apologies for the poor seller's photos, I'll get some better ones if needed once it arrives. But if someone can give it an ID now, I can update my fossil record database and that would be great.


Many thanks





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Do you have a more defined locality like town or county where it was found to confirm its HC. Montana is huge with deposits from late jurassic to late Cretaceous.  Please always ask if you dont have it,  sellers should provide.


Your vertebra looks like a dorsal ornithischian could be Thescelosaurus or Pachy.  Here is a view similar to yours from one in my collection.


Most likely Thescelosaurus 




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Posted (edited)

Thanks for taking a look. I've sent seller a message for a bit more info. I'll post when I hear back.



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I agree... the wrinkles along the edge in your last photo suggest one of the two troodon mentioned.  

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