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Hi everyone!

I know that there is a lot of dredging going on in the Charleston harbor right now. Does anyone have resources you could share about where I may be able to hunt these dredge piles? Are they dumping on beaches or anywhere accessible? Is there any schedule to them? Unfortunately, I no longer live in SC or else I would do more first-hand scouting/observing. But I plan to take a trip down in mid-May to see what I can find. I have never hunted dredge piles, but have heard of people having success at such sites. 

Thanks in advance!

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I'm not from the area but from this map Post 45 Web Mapper (arcgis.com)  it looks like they are using off shore disposal sites for current dredging operations.


You should be able to find dredging contract details and environmental impact studies for disposal/dewatering areas somewhere on the Charleston District USACE website...

Charleston District Missions (army.mil)

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