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Request for papers on starfish from the Cretaceous of Europe

The Amateur Paleontologist

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The Amateur Paleontologist

Hi :)

I'm looking for some papers, could someone send me PDF copies of these? I'd be really grateful!


  • Gale, A.S.  1987.  Goniasteridae (Asteroidea, Echinodermata) from the Late Cretaceous of north-west Europe.  1.  Introduction.  The genera Metopaster and Recurvaster.  Mesozoic Research1, 1-69.
  • Gale, A.S.  1986.  Goniasteridae (Asteroidea, Echinodermata) from the Late Cretaceous of north-west Europe. 2. The genera CallidermaCraterasterNymphaster and ChomatasterMesozoic Research1, 151-186.
  • Müller, A. H. 1953. Die isolierten Skelettelemente der Asteroidea (Asterozoa) aus der Obersenonen Schreibkreide von Rügen. Geologie8: 3-66, plates 1-10. [In German].


Thanks so much for any help! :) 

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