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Looking for some help with the ID on a tooth I pulled up from the Peace River, FL yesterday.  On first glance in the sifter I thought it was a nice small chunk of a horse tooth (Equus sp.).  When I got home and took a closer look it appeared to be the complete tooth minus 4 root extensions.  The occlusal surface of the tooth was one I have not seen before.  I tried to match it to Equus but kept coming up empty.  I tried bovine with no luck either. From a close look at all four sides I do not believe it is broken and missing any of the crown.It well may be Equus, but I thought I would ask for input from those with much more knowledge and experience. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


The occlusal surface measures 22 mm x 12 mm.





















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Harry Pristis

It's a bison upper premolar.



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Thanks Harry!  I was hoping it was bison!

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