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Fossil ID - South Carolina

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I spent a couple days this week hunting fossils and sharks teeth around coastal South Carolina. I came across a few fossils that I need help identifying. Any ID or guidance is much appreciated. Images are below.




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Brett Breakin' Rocks
Posted (edited)
1 hour ago, perryh said:

around coastal South Carolina.

Hi There,


Welcome to the forum !


#1 looks like a partial whale tooth .. it is the layers and the visible peeling that make me think that it might be a partial tooth.

#2 is a mammal canine but those are not my strong suit. 

#3 are Neural or Haemal spines of the extinct billfish Aglyptorhynchus sp.


For Reference:


Image Credit: Rich Familia Facebook User



My own finds...





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This is great info. Thank you Brett!

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