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Unknown fossils from morocco

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So I got these when i was like 9 at a gift shop. I think these are from morocco either from khouribga or kem kem. Does anyone know what these fossils are?

Picture 1Screenshot_20210526-160810_Gallery.thumb.jpg.7eea46d56cdb6af95ed2d8e07f021c36.jpgScreenshot_20210526-160814_Gallery.thumb.jpg.9d19c67de87d697d27ad3ff3949bee4c.jpgScreenshot_20210526-160816_Gallery.thumb.jpg.0feb68f40966d0273de65410a2de996e.jpgpicture 2Screenshot_20210526-160820_Gallery.thumb.jpg.3d841f64a044fb5433e8e72f05c582c3.jpgScreenshot_20210526-160828_Gallery.thumb.jpg.1e1fafd193345cc7e70d3e4484496288.jpgpicture 3Screenshot_20210526-160826_Gallery.thumb.jpg.a9302777e8d15f2d3d513988b94b606b.jpgScreenshot_20210526-160823_Gallery.thumb.jpg.491e490633e677c591e58fed0679710a.jpg

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