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Hi everyone, 

I am currently eyeing this Theropod tooth from the Kem Kem beds in Morocco which is listed as a Deltadromeus tooth. 
Now I know that no teeth can be attributed to Deltadromeus as no cranial material has been found yet and I know that most teeth sold as Deltadromeus are in fact Abelisaurid teeth but this tooth seems way to curved to be Abelisaurid which could my eye instantly. 
So I was think if this might be a Dromaeosaurid tooth which while rare (and not yet officially described from Kem Kem) are somethings found and sold as Deltadromeus. 
Or might this be a small anterior tooth of a Carcharodontosaurid, I would appreciate your thoughts and imput on this tooth before I commit to buy. 







These are currently the only pictures I have, I am not sure if they suffice to give a proper ID whether these are Dromaeosaurid or Carcharodontosaurid, so I also asked the seller for some photos of the base of the tooth and if possible some close ups of the serrations. 

Thank you in advance, 

Ziggy Cardon 

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I think additional, higher quality pictures are needed. Specifically, of the serrations on both carinae (as you mentioned), and an anterior view of the mesial carina to see if there's a twist. However, it looks like the mesial carina is missing if not covered by matrix. The rough morphology of the tooth does not look Carcharodontosaurid or Abelisaurid.


Here are Dromaeosaurid-like teeth in the collection of @Troodon:



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I think this tooth is best described as indeterminate,  typical for small KK teeth.   A density check of the serrations at midline might point us in a better direction.  Dromaeosaurids might exist in this fauna but there has yet to be a publication that makes that claim.  We can however rule out Abelisaurid like you did.  This tooth might be what the seller claims unfortunately there is no scientific evidence to support his claim.

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Thank you for the replies, I just bought the tooth anyways as it had a fair price and the morphology intrigues me as it isn't like the other Kem Kem teeth I own.  :) 
I'll be sure to post some more higher quality pics when it arrives. 

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