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Good morning! I wanted to share this beautiful Acrocanthosaurus tooth I was gifted by one of my dear friends family after he passed away.

It was found in Texas and it is by far my favorite in my collection. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!


5DF8F1A6-5549-4DF3-A514-1254AFC4767D.jpeg 147C0313-BD52-45FC-A761-2267F4757C7F.jpeg


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Your in the ID section so you are looking to verify ID?  If so need locality where it was found and formation.  Serration density midline 5mm wide both carinae.  View of mesial edge.

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I apologize in advance if I posted in the wrong group. I haven't posted on this site before and it doesn't help I'm navigating on the phone instead of a computer. I know this tooth was found in the Twin Mountain Formation in north Texas many years ago. As I stated above, it was gifted to me, so I don't have much more information, unfortunately. He had a passion for Acro and he would show me this tooth quite often!  

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