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Moroccan Abelisaurid tooth?


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Hi! I've been eyeing these supposed Abelisaurid teeth from Morocco (Kem Kem beds?), but I'm unsure if they are what they're labelled as.

Are these two Abelisaur teeth? Or are do they belong to another theropod in the formation? (Mostly being confused with how one differentiates KK "raptor" teeth from true abelisaur teeth)

Tooth A: Images 1 to 4
Tooth B: Images 5 to 8

I've read @Troodon's fantastic guide to Kem Kem teeth. However, as a very amateur fossil collector, I'm only able to identify but the only feature I am able to identify as abelisaurid is the mesial side being curved, and the distal side being straight (especially clear on Tooth A).
Link to Troodon's guide: 


Tooth A






Tooth B





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These should be identified as "indeterminate abelisaurid" teeth for  the reasons you stated.   There are other characteristics but the shape of the profile and base is key in this type of tooth.

 Currently no species are described from the Kem Kem Group so the best we can do is to identify them to a family level (Abelisauridae).  Some publications believe these to be similar to Rugops an Abelisaurid from Niger so we may see some closure on this morphology sooner than later. 


The existence of raptors in this fauna is still an open question and will take new discoveries/research to resolve it.  None are currently described.  Unfortunately many sellers label this morphology of tooth as raptor because of their ignorance or as a sales hype.  Raptors are Dromaeosaurids so their teeth typically are recurved and have a serration density higher on the outside edge than the inside.  However when described, we know all of the other characteristics to identify them.



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