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Petrified Wood In Southern Utah Rt 89


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Somewhere on the forum site I found some GPS cords for well known petrified wood sites off RT89.

One was in Sawyer Canyon and the other was Paria.

Note that this is or could be BLM National Monument land and a permit is required for collecting. There is 2 Visitor Centers on either side of the monument on RT89 which may know something about collecting permits. The Paria Contact Station has nothing to do with permits but they do offer some nice camping onsite or issue back country hiking permits. You can also car camp down Paria road after filling out a permit conveniently located at the site. I would try and contact the BLM before you venture out. Note that there is a ton of side roads and you can easily get lost.

FYI there is no more town of Paria. It was burned down and then washed away again after they moved it. But I still made the pilamage to the site of the Clint Eastwoods Josey Wales movie. This area is National Monument land.

The collection site in Sawyers Canyon is not marked National monument as most of the signs are located several miles east on RT89 and the dirt roads but the Grand Stair Case Escalante National Monument map shows part of the road into Sawyers canyon as part of the national monument.

There is a lot of small agate chips in the area. Most of the petrified wood is a silica similar to that found at Odessa Delaware which is interesting. Even has the same clink when you bang them together. Which leads to the question how the Utah trees were fossilized and the Delaware wood was fossilized?

Most of the pieces on the ground are small but sometimes a few softball size pieces wash out. A recent road grader project uncovered several large pieces about 10 pounds with some interesting yellow residue on it. Still it was not the pretty agatized

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