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Kentucky Lake - Eastern Shore Sites?


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Howdee Fellow Fossil-Nuts!

I'm new here, to this forum, and dern happy to find you folks!

I'm heading down from NW Indiana to stay for a week on Kentucky Lake, in late April, and have an interesting "puzzle" to solve....

In the late 1960's (a.k.a. the "Late Devouring Period", as my brother calls it, who I blame for infecting me with the fossil-hounding bug!) he spent a week on Kentucky Lake on a friend's family's houseboat.

He tells me that his friend's Dad would stop in almost every small inlet/bay on the eastern shore (he recalls it being the eastern shore...) so the kids could swim and kick around on shore.

Big brother tells of a beach area SOMEWHERE along the Eastern shore, where the ground and the hill facing the beach were full of ALL kinds of fossils... and he brought back several hundred pounds of the "critters", so I know he was not exagerating.... (this time!).

I recall one in particular... it appeared as if to be a large fossilized "fin", e.g. of a turtle. (never ID'd though)

I'm reaching out, as well, to the KPS fossil group for ideas on where this beach might be, but is anyone here familiar with collecting at Kentucky Lake, or might know of any areas likely to be on the shores of the "Land Between the Lakes"?

In advance, many thanks for any ideas you all might share. I think that eastern shoreline is ~ 75 miles long.... and that IS a lot of looking! And I know part and parcel of this pursuit IS the hunt... but I need some time to fish the lake, TOO!

Have a great one, and for the benefit of all here, I'll rephrase a sentiment of my astronomy society buddies..."keep looking DOWN" :drool:

"Flash" Johnson

Hobart, Indiana

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