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Which End Is Up?

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I was out prospecting for new digging locations yesterday. Not supposed to do too much digging- just enough to test for the presence of fossils.

I was please to find this one.. Usually I can easily tell the difference between the chewing surface and the root but on Mammoth, it is not so easy.

I have showed this to a couple of fossil hunters, and I said that the bumps (left on photo #1, bottom of photo#3) are the occlusal surface and the broken edge is toward the roots. Both of them commented "Well, if you say so...

So where are the roots , where is the chewing surface.. and are there easy "tells" to determine which is which when you only have one edge that seems to be UN-erupted ? Special-credit. Can you tell if this is forward or trailing edge of the tooth and possible position in the jaw? Thanks SS




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Harry Pristis

You are correct. This is an unerupted/unworn section of tooth.

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