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Looking For Experienced Crab Prepper

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I'm looking for a very experienced crab prepper for two concretions I've had sitting in my garage for a while. One I believe is some type of Raninidae from the Lincoln Creek formation. The other is a Cretaceous lobster from the Bearpaw shale which based on the preservation of the tips of the claws and tail protruding I think it's going to be a killer one.

I'd prep them myself but I've got years of trilobite prep projects already lined up.

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A few folks here that do well in crab prep. One does offer his skills is Micropterus101. This should be the link, if not, go to my friends list, he's in there and send him a PM.


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Cool I have a lobster too. Havent started on it yet its a big one.


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micropterus101 is one of the best at it right next to my self Jk LOL! No seriously! He's a really good bet if u want it done right. ;)

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Hey Matt, these guys are good but I think Bruce is the best. I don't think he preps for other folks though? How did you get a lobster conc? I found six in a guys garage about 5 months ago, all from the bear paw. Im not 100% sure, but I think these lobsters have a very yellowish colored calcite covering on them. Im thinking it can be worked off though. Good luck


Oh, if your reading this, I may be seeing a guy in Tucson soon and will ask him about bear gulch for you. He may have some information?

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