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Finding Fossils In The Louisville, Kentucky Area

Kentuckiana Mike

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Kentuckiana Mike

If you are interested in the finding fossils in the Louisville, Kentucky area or southern Indiana right across the Ohio River from that city check out this web page at the Falls of the Ohio State Park: http://www.fallsoftheohio.org/collecting.html

It documents 13 collecting sites where marine invertebrate fossils can be found from the Ordovician, Silurian, Devonian, and Mississippian periods.

Also if you get a chance check out the local geological group's (KYANA Geological Society) website there: http://www.kyanageo.org and in particular their Fossils of the Ohio Valley section showing about 300 different fossils found in that region.

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Mike Pocock

Hi My name is Mike and i am A new member I will be in Louisville with work on Sunday 6th July, I am from the UK and would love to have the chance of finding some fossils from the US to add to my finds.

I wont have any transport and i am staying in Louisvill if you had a chance to take me to an area for a few Hrs i would be very gratefull, lunch or dinner would be on me as a thank you (venue of your choce)

I wont get the opertunerty to do this again, i am in the US for a week but the only day i have for myself is the 6th.

Much apreciated if you could help

Regards Mike Pocock

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I took Mike to a Mississippian site for some blastoids. We had a good time and the weather was great. I really enjoyed Mike's visit.

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My 7 year old loves fossils and we'll be traveling from southern IL through the area along I64 through Louisville in a few weeks to visit the Ark Encounter in Williamsville.  Is there any place along the way to take him fossil hunting?  Last summer we visited Caspersen Beach FL to find fossilized shark's teeth and he loved it, and I think he'd be even more interested to find some of these types of fossils.  Any assistance is greatly appreciated.  

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