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Hi. :) I need ID help for some mammoth stuff i got. I would like to know what mammoth species these things belonged to.

1. Mammoth tooth

- Is between 0.1 and 1.8 million years old.

- Was found in a gravel pit in Budapest, Hungary.

2. Two small pieces from a tusk

- Is between 10.000 and 500.000 years old.

- Was found in Russia.


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Not sure if it helps but:


  • All mammoths are identified primarily by features of their teeth
    • Thickness of enamel
    • Number of enamel loops in the molar teeth, seen from bite surface view (Laws 1966)
      • Columbian Mammoth molars have 5 to 8 enamel plates per 100 mm (3.9 in) (Maglio 1973)
      • Channel Island Mammoth molars are like the Columbian's, only smaller
  • Twenty six teeth in all
  • Six sets of teeth in a lifetime
  • Resemble Asian elephant teeth, with closed enamel loops viewed on chewing surface
  • All mammoths have strongly curved and twisted tusks (Lister 1996)
    • Tusks continue to grow throughout the mammoth's lifetime
    • Life history data is stored in the dentin's growth bands (season of death, age at sexual maturation, calving, migration) (Fox et al 2003)


This is also a good "read"on differences in size and number of enamel loops on different Mammoths -- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mammoth

You seem to have a tooth with very narrow "enamel loops"

Compare the size of enamel loops with the Imperial Mammoth tooth at this site


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