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Bulletin of the Geological Society of Denmark

The Bulletin publishes contributions of international interest in all fields of geological sciences, with a natural emphasis on results of new work on material from Denmark, The Faroes and Greenland.


Here are some examples of articles from the journal

Associated skeletal and dental remains of a fossil odontaspidid shark (Elasmobranchii: Lamniformes) from the Middle Eocene Lillebælt Clay Formation in Denmark


On the osteology and phylogenetic affinities of Morsoravis sedilis (Aves) from the early Eocene Fur Formation of Denmark


Rare finds of the coiled cephalopod Discoceras from the Upper Ordovician of Bornholm, Denmark


Eocene Turtles fro Denmark


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Sylvestersen. I have a good run of these publications and they are always of high quality and in English! The armored fish of Greenland seem to have been a hot research area for some time. Wonderful Triassic Fish too!

The paper quality is intended to maximize the illustration quality, making them all are very heavy when it comes to shipping.

Palaeozoologica Groenlandica volumes and Meddelelser om Gronland

My copies are from the mid 1930's to early 1970's. My Swedish ancestors are all envious!

added: No wonder that paper copies have not sold well on the internet!

Edited by Ray Eklund
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Ray. I have never thought about the amount of articles on fosils from greenland in Bulletin of the Geological Society of Denmark (DGF) before, and you have a point.

The Faroe Islands and Greenland are parts of the Danish Realm. Due to their special status nationally, historically and geographically, these parts of the realm have an extensive type of self-government.

The official name for the geological survay of the Danish Realmis is "The Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland" (GEUS). Denmark is a small country, so there are not that many geological sites with fossils to pick from.

So ofcourse, over the years, many danish scentist have been to greenland.

Personally i'm mostly to fossils from the Eocene and fortunately we have a lot of that in Denmark.

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