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Obviously, the tetrapod is from the Carboniferous Missippian...out by the old airport...does anyone know where that Casselman formation/Conemaugh Group is? Even though the Fedexia was found in 2004, it would be nice to resume some work and see what else is there...any ideas, any interest?

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Go see:

Berman, D. S., A. C. Henrici, D. K. Brezinski, and A. D. Kollar, 2010, A new

trematopid amphibian (Temnospondyli: Dissorophoidea) from the Upper

Pennsylvanian of western Pennsylvania: earliest record of terrestrial

vertebrates responding to a warmer, drier climate. Annals of Carnegie

Museum vol. 78, no. 4. pp. 289–318..



Brezinski, D. K., and A. D. Kollar, 2011, Pennsylvanian climatic events

and their congruent biotic responses in the central Appalachian Basin,

in Ruffolo, R.M., and Ciampaglio, C.N., eds., pp. 45-60. From the

Shield to the Sea: Geological Field Trips from the 2011 Joint Meeting

of the GSA Northeastern and North-Central Sections: Geological

Society of America Field Guide no. 20.

For outcrops of the Pennsylvania Conemaugh Group go see:



Paul H.

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