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Skull & Tusks?


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I live in Point Pleasant, New Jersey and we've had what we thought was a rock behind our detached garage for as long as I can remember. We've recently been doing some landscaping and moving things around and came across the rock again, but upon closer examination, we discovered that it's not a rock and actually some type of fossil. I know very, very little about fossils but, to me, it appears to be some type of long, thin, flat skull with two protrusions that look they are either beaver-like teeth or tusks. I've put the rock and all of the pieces that have come off into a box. We don't know if there is more to be found behind our garage. It is mostly very hard but some parts of the back are soft and when we were examining it, pieces were separating from it - i don't know if that was just dirt and what-not or if that was part of the specimen. I've attached a photo but can take additional ones if it would help.

I would really appreciate any feedback anyone might be able to provide. thank you.



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Yes, please, ... more photos, in bright sunlight with something for scale.

Multiple angles of the item too, sides, back, top bottom.

From the one picture provided, it looks like chert or flint to me.


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Imagine a bag of cement, standing up, getting wet and solidifying in the bag. Then, imagine the paper rotting away, and the poorly hydrated contents breaking up. I think you may have a partial cast of the inside corner of a cement sack (complete with stitched seam and corner folds).

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Welcome to the forum. Yes Auspex, that would certainly explain some parts being less solidified and breaking off easily. Portland cement alone should be more crazed so maybe it's mortar mix. Does your house have a brick fa├žade or rock where masons would have used mortar?

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