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Fossilized Seashell Found In Texas Backyard? (Pics)


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Hello all, I was out causing some trouble in my backyard a couple of days ago when I stumbled onto this little guy. I don't really have an idea of how old this find is or what I to do with it for more info since it's only a partial sample, but I would love to hear any details y'all might have to share about this! If you need more pictures please feel free to ask--I will be glad to provide any other info on the find. Happy hunting and have a great weekend!





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that is a broken oyster section

Hi Herb! Thanks for that info.

Do you happen to know anything about its age?

Perhaps you can help me identify how to determine its approximate age!

I've tried doing some research but find myself challenged.

Thanks so much for your response btw it was very helpful.

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It looks pretty modern. The purple color on the muscle scar area is a clue to that. By modern I mean within the past hundred years.

If you find a lot more oyster shells in the back yard, it might be that somebody had a boil. You buy a bag of oysters and some beer, and then set up a big pot with 1 inch of water in the bottom. Then you get the water boiling and dump the whole bag of oyster in. Cover the pot to build up steam Then you quickly down one beer, and the oysters are ready. The oysters should be open slightly, and that means they are cooked. Even though it is called an "oyster boil", the secret is to actually steam them, not boil them. Eat the oysters. Then you finish the beer and throw the shells around the lawn.

Lots of fun. :D

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