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Coming To Tampa This Week For Wedding


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I am going to a friend's wedding on Sat Nov 22 in Tampa, but would like to get in some fossil hunting on thursday and friday.

I am thinking of trying out the Peace river near Arcadia, but I have no experience in the area. If anyone can share some tips, info, etc or would like to meet for fossil hunting, I'd really appreciate it.

What should I know about gators? ( I like fossils, but not gators. :)

Thanks for any help and advice.

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I've never done the Peace River, but here are a few things I've learned about gator in my 14 years of living in a very gator area...

1.) They size you up, and if they are smaller, they run. If they are bigger than you they might come to check you out. If they check you out, get out of there. They will normally submerge and just peek at you as they move closer, then submerge and move closer for attack. You can't see them at the last part of the stalking.

2.) Never bring a dog. Gators are very attracted to dogs.

3.) If you bring children, remember rule #1. Children are small, so they are in danger from even mid sized gators.

4.) If the air is warmer than the water, the gators will be on the bank. If the water is warmer than the air, they will be in the water.

5.) If they are hunting, they will be in the water no matter what the temperature.

6.) In the spring, the big gators chase the smaller gators out of the area, and the smaller gators (4 to 7 feet) start to wander is the most unlikely places. Gators are the most dangerous in the spring, because they are hungry from the warming weather and it is mating season, they are fighting over territory.

7.) The big gators (the dangerous ones) don't like all the noise and commotion that people make, so they move off when there is a lot of action near the shore.

8.) If somebody has been feeding them, then they will ignore rule #7 and be attracted to the action of humans.

9.) During cold weather they are sluggish and may not feed for very long times, and you can sometimes walk right past them.

So make a lot of noise, slap the water, and have a lot of people with you, and that normally drives them out. Look big and scary. :D

That outta put the fear of gator into you... :D

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You could always eat them first, they're delicous fried! But really I go into some pretty scetchy areas and still have all my limbs. With that being said I wouldn't get in the water if I see large gators and the most dangerous one will probably be nearest the areas you park that would see the most people trying to feed them. When I see gators way away from access points and parking lots they normally take off at first sight. Also the Peace has plenty of spots that are knee deep or less for digging and the water is normally pretty clear even though it's dark from tannin. Good luck out there!

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