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Field Trip With Dallas Paleo - Oliver Creek, Texas - 8-22-15

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Went on my first hunt to Oliver Creek, a REALLY productive ammonite site, thanks to a Dallas Paleo Society field trip. Goodland Formation, 103.4 to 105.4 million years old. Here's the scoop:

First, ammonites.


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Then an ammonite impression that still had original shell bits attached.


A pecten shell.


Then a little Epiaster echinoid that was just lying there waiting to be picked up when I sat down on a limestone ledge to drink some water.


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I managed to get the fragments of the most complete Oxytropidoceras sp. ammonite mostly cleaned up & glued back together. Chiseled this big guy out of the creek bed. I think I also have the central part of the shell, but it was evidently SERIOUSLY crushed back when the limestone matrix was still soft mud. Bits & pieces all through the matrix, going every which way.


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