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Where do I find sharks teeth in Charleston SC

Lee Taylor

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Almost all of us involved in the hobby get asked where can I find sharks teeth. After you learn the hobby you will understand why it is not a good idea to give out information on your hunting spots. Although, some of us do want to help others in what we find to be a fun hobby. I made this video to use to help people starting out. I made it in order for the beginners to try to understand where to search and hunt. Hunting for sharks teeth or fossils can be a very enjoyable hobby. It is basically about understanding geology and then going out into the field and putting in the time to search. It is not as easy as it appears online. The two primary ingredients are time and effort. In the beginning you will only find bits and pieces but as time passes you will find better ones

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well its very general information but its a start. In addition it gives me a reference to use when people ask

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