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Ludwigia murchisonae?


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Got this at Bearreraig bay on the Isle of skye a few years ago and have always just assumed the ammonites are all the same species and Ludwigia murchisonae but decided to seek some clarification on this, any help would be much appreciated :) (the biggest ammonite is 10.5cm)


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Terry Dactyll

Archie.... thats a cracker well done nice find.... I havent seen a block so populated.... I dont have any papers on the layers as it is 'just' out of my collecting horizon but I have seen some for sale previously classified as Ludwigia obtusiformis.... I once got an unprepped small dactylioceras block as a present with a small Hildoceras on it to....

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Thanks Terry Dactyll! The boulder they are in was way to big to carry up the 300ft-ish slope back to the carpark at first so I reduced it down a bit and got a couple more decent sized ammos, Ive toyed with the idea of exploring a bit more through it but I think I like it too much just the way it is! That's really cool Ive never seen Dactylioceras and Hildoceras in the same block before!

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