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M. Devonian climb in NY

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A good time to check out a notch cut by a waterfall, now dry, near Cuddybackville NY.

Looks like Mucrospirifer mucronatus (see Linsley Pl. 100 no. 15) or Mediospirifer angusta (see Linsley Pl. 104) 2" across post-19845-0-66056500-1461942822_thumb.jpg

Looks like Platyorthis peloris (see Linsley Pl. 64) or Strophiodonta demisssa (see Linsley Pl. 67 with the straight hinge line distinguishing it from Rhipidomella sp. 7" plate post-19845-0-98542400-1461942846_thumb.jpg

Tropidoleptus carinatus FOV 2" post-19845-0-49385400-1461942832_thumb.jpg

Looks like Prothyris lanceolata 2" long post-19845-0-12031700-1461942861_thumb.jpg

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Neat finds!

Thanks for posting them.

Any idea what these items are?


Gastropods or Goniatites?


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Nice fossils. I miss the NY Devonian.

Always hard to be certain from a single photo, but I see gastropods there.

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Jeffrey P

Hard to tell from the photos but I'm guessing they're partial gastropods. I believe your Prothyris is actually a Paleoneilo, a different bivalve species, but I'm not one hundred percent certain of that ID. Your mucro and trops definitely look like mucros and trops- nice ones to boot. Congratulations on some excellent finds. The biodiversity of your Port Jervis area collection continues to grow. What a great location you have. Thanks for posting.

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