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My 17 year old son is an avid fossil/shark tooth hunter and we typically end up in Florida (we are from Ohio) hunting but this year we have decided to head toward Topsail NC. I stumbled across this forum as well as some online information about digging quarries but unfortunately NO contact information or real information about HOW to access the site or reserve a space. This Momma would love to make this trip extra special as he will soon be leaving the nest for college. If anyone could give me any tips/advice/contact information on how to do a quarry dig or even book a fossilizing expedition in the area I would be so very appreciative. Help a rookie Momma out please! Much love

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Raggedy Man

Most quarries that allow collecting either have open collection days or allow collecting to fossil/geology clubs. That's about all I can assist with this as I'm not familiar with NC fossil hunting. Good luck!!!

Best regards,


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Call the individual quarries and see which ones are open and when. Most that are open to the public only allow collecting on Fridays. What is open and closed is in constant fluctuation.


If you luck out and there has been some beach erosion you can find some teeth on the beach at Topsail.

Depending on my schedule, I could take you and your son up to Green Mill Run. It is back breaking shoveling and sifting but never know what will show up. It is about 2 hours from Topsail.


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sixgill pete

The only Martin Marietta quarries that allow casual collectors ( other than fossil clubs etc...) are the ones in Richlands (Onslow) and Belgrade. It is only on Fridays and not every Friday. The Belgrade quarry is your best bet for this, as they are open more Fridays and are more apt to allow new people into the quarry. To hunt in one of these you must have a hard hat, steel toe safety shoes and a safety vest. And they must be worn at all times. You will have to go through quarry specific safety training on the morning you go in. Both of these quarries are different geologic age. If you are more interested in finding teeth, Belgrade is the best bet. The current collecting area at the Onslow quarry is yielding mostly invertebrates.

The hunting in these quarries is hard work, climbing hills and such and they are EXTREMELY HOT in the summer. Fire ants, ground bees and snakes are always a possible danger. Not trying to scare you away, but want to make sure you understand. I hunt both of these quarries allot and I prefer to hunt in the spring, fall and winter not during the summer.

As Kirk suggested GMR ( Greens Mill Run) is a good option. Lots of teeth and like he said you never know what will show up there. There is also the Aurora Fossil Museum and spoil piles. I would highly recommend this. The spoil piles are open for collecting and some great finds can be made there.They have an amazing collection of teeth from the close by world famous Lee Creek Mine. Look up Aurora Fossil Museum online. It is also about 2 hours from Topsail.

Topsail is a great place, beautiful beach but not the best beach collecting.

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