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I found this last week beachcombing on Sand Key in Clearwater Florida. Just curious...At first I thought it was just a sea rock with worn holes. But then I noticed the tapered shape and the graduated concave grooves and center hole. Thinking maybe it is the mold of the inside of a seashell? Normally I don't find fossils there but sea was rough and I did find a piece of a fossil dugong bone the same day, which I normally never find there. It measures about 1.25" by 1.25" by 1 1/8". Darker color in grooves and center hole with some charcoal and golden brown hues. Any ideas what this could be?







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Looks like a rock with bore holes in it. then broken apart and tumbled.


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Thanks! So the bore holes would be from water?

No, they would be from clams or sponges. There are some worms that make holes also. but they are smaller.

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