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Spence Gulch Trilobites


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One more to post to see if someone more knowledgeable than me can verify.  These were collected from Spence Gulch.   I think that the first and second ones are Amacephalus idahoense.  First is about 1-1/4" long and second is about 3/4" long.  The third trilobite is very small at about 1/4" long bit looks to me like Zacanthoides idahoensis (I sure wish that one was full grown).  Preservation on these is not the best,  but you take what you get and these are my first Spence Shale fossils.




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This site has an extensive database of trilobites found in the western US.  The images you provided and identifications seem to match up. This is a site my wife and I plan on visiting next summer on our Utah trip as its not too far of a drive. 


Thanks for sharing.


Best regards,


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