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CT Dinosaur Eubrontes Trip & River exploration


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Hello fellow fossil hunters,. I am looking for one or two volunteers to navigate unexplored river ways in New Jersey and Connecticut for Triassic/Jurassic lacustrine cycles for dinosaur footprints and other trace fossils.  


The sites I have in mind are hot leads and require kayaks or a canoe to explore and are inaccessible by land.  What we find we can split up.  You provide the canoe or kayak and I will provide the leads.  One car for drop off and one car to pick us up.  Who is up for an adventure this fall?


I will be  planning more trips to the CT Valley this fall and seeing if anyone would like me to tag along at some cool dinosaur track sites.  I am looking in particular for Eubrontes tracks or reptilian footprints from late Triassic/early Juraasic periods.  No rock is too big to haul or break loose with the right techniques.  I help you you help me we both get to take some fine specimens home.  Who wants to go?

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DTH - I've sent you a PM. ;)

I also merged your topics, since they were basically the same thing. 


Sometimes, it takes a while for all of the active members to get eyes on the new posts, especially if they were made at night. :)

Welcome, again. 


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It's a bit of a hike with my kayak, I also have a small John boat. I would be interested in this greatly, just need a time frame because I travel for work IMG_2181.JPG

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