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Texas, Fossil, Antler,

Stan Simpson

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These 3 pieces were found near Houston Texas in a dredge operation. They are fossils but look like pieces of modern antlers. Thanks for your input.





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 I agree they are all antler. Not sure what beasts they came from. On a side note I have been appreciating all of your posts. I would love to know where the dredging operation that these fossils came from is/was.

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Some examples of antlers :



excerpt from Atlas of Animal Bones. For Prehistorians, Archaeologists and Quaternary Geologists - Elisabeth Schmid; Elsevier, New York, 1972.

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Fossilized deer antler is not unheard of from Texas. I have a piece from the Sulphur River.

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Incredible find.  I have a huge fossil antler collection myself.  I am fascinated by them.  I believe yours to be from "Odocoileus virginianus" based on time period and region.


Fantastic finds.



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