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Devonian Tetrapod Fossils From Catskill Formation of Central Pennsylvania


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Newly Discovered Fossils Help Bucknell Professor

Shed Light on Area’s Prehistoric Past by Matt Hughes

Bucknell University, October 12, 2016



The GSA abstract is:


Trop, J. M., and others, 2016, Paleoenvironmental

Analysis of Late Devonian Tetrapod and Fish Assemblages

from Catskill Formation Sites in North-Central pennsylvania.

Geological Society of America Abstracts with Programs.

Vol. 48, No. 7 doi: 10.1130/abs/2016AM-278573




Other related publications are:


Daeschler, E.B., and Cressler, W.L., III, 2011. Late

Devonian paleontology and paleoenvironments at Red

Hill and other fossil sites in the Catskill Formation of

north-central Pennsylvania. In R.M. Ruffolo and C.N.

Ciampaglio [eds.], From the Shield to the Sea: Geological

Trips from the 2011 Joint Meeting of the GSA Northeastern

and North-Central Sections, pp. 1-16. Geological Society of

America Field Guide 20.




Cressler III, W.L., Daeschler, E.B., Slingerland R., and

Peterson D.A. 2010. Terrestrialization in the Late Devonian:

A palaeoecological overview of the Red Hill site, Pennsylvania,

USA. In: Gaël Clement and Marco Vecoli [eds.], The

 Terrestrialization Process: Modelling Complex Interactions at

the Biosphere-Geosphere Interface, pp. 111-128. The

Geological Society, London 339.





Trego, C., 2014, Paleoecological Analysis of a Late Devonian

Catskill formation Using Vertebrate Microfossils. Departmental

Honors in Biology paper, Lycoming College.






Paul H.

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Much obliged for the above literature links Paul.


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Thanks for the links, Paul. :)


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