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Possible Evactinopora radiata or echinodermata ?


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I'm new to the forum and fossil hunting. I've actually come to it by way of hiking. I've been hiking for years and grown curious about my finds. Most I've come across are easily identifiable, but these two have proven more challenging. A geologist friend suggested that they are a type of echinodermata. But since the first has six rays I thought it might possibly be evactinopora radiata. However, the examples of evactinopora radiata I have seen online are significantly smaller than this example.


I know I should have photographed a coin or something next to them to give them scale, but I didn't do that with my early finds. The first fossil, with six rays, was about six inches across at the widest point. The second, with five rays, is about four inches across. I found them next to each other embedded in the rock north of Barcelona at the following coordinates: 42° 08'08.20" N, 2° 14'22.17" E


I don't know if it is of any help, but I added the third photo as an example of other fossils I found in the area.


Any help is appreciated!









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Some interesting finds there. :) 

Unfortunately, I will be of little help in identification.  

I know there are types of Evactinopora that had 6 radiating arms/lines. 


Hopefully some locals will weigh in on your items.  

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The third one seems to have nummulites-like shells.

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For me it seems the typical sponge from the Eocene found in the Vic area. Maybe pseudoguetardia tiolati. The species name may be wrong but now I don't know how to write it correctly.



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Hi all ... Been away for a few years

While looking at recent posts...I noticed the title of this post

Possible Evactinopora radiata or echinodermata?


I have a website devoted to the study of Evactinopora radiata

Mississippian - Fern Glen Formation - Jefferson County, Missouri


For comparison

Click Here



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Indy's comeback post make me return to the topic.


More details, with the original description of Evactinopora species, original plates and links to the documents, could be found here :

Looking back to edupaleos post, I think he's right about the ID.


They look like Evactinopora in transverse section, but the geological time is wrong for that. The location of the find is near Vic (roughly 20km north to Vic, as I estimate). Actually, they're sponges embedded in matrix in transverse section view. The correct names are Pseudoguettardia thiolati Moret, 1925, and Scyphia quinquelobata Archia, 1850 - synonyms of Guettardiscyphia thiolati Archiac, 1846 (glass sponge) .

Alternative combination: Guettardia thiolati


Some images here and here .



Pseudoguettardia thiolati.jpg

Pseudoguettardia thiolati
Eocene, Bartonian
provenance: Barcelona
size: 9 cm


Other reference : here





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