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Trying to ID this cephalopod found in Silurian limestone in northern Illinois. My guess is it's a Spyroceras? In situ pic:




Part of the cast glued together:








Wavy lines in aquamarine colors and some pyritization/marcasite. I am clearly missing some pieces, but when fit together in the sarcophagus, it measures over 14". The entire cephalopod probably measured at least two feet or more, I'm guessing... 










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1 hour ago, FossilDAWG said:

I agree with Dawsonoceras.


What do you mean by "sarcophagous"?




It's just a description of mold and cast pieces that fit together like a stone "sarcophagus"...

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When I look up Dawsonoceras and Spyroceras, the first one proposed by Tim does indeed seem like a better option.

I don't really know what else it could be, but one thing that I do know is that it is beautiful!

Best regards,



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