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can anyone ID these?


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Hello everyone,

these are a few of the many fossils we've collected in a cut of exposed gravel near the Moose Jaw river.

I've never seen ones like these before and couldn't find any info on the interweb.

any idea what i'm looking at?







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Welcome to :tff:

The first picture shows a boulder of sedimentary rock. Two layers of sandstone(?) sandwiching a layer of marle. The marle layer may have some fossils in it but I can not tell from this picture.

Do not know about the other picture.


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Welcome to the forum. These are interesting looking but it will be difficult to tell you much without a little more information. It helps to have some idea of the size of the specimens if you could include something for scale in your photos. The other unknown is the age of the material. If you don't know the geological formation then please give us more detail about the location. You may find what we need on a geological map of the area. Thanks for posting your finds.

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I agree, the second one is a recepticulitid, likely Fisherites.  The first one could possibly the impression of the siphuncle of a large nautiloid such as Armenoceras.  Maybe a closer-in photo would help.  Anyway that's a very low-confidence guess.


These fossils seem a bit confusing as the bedrock around Moose Jaw is Upper Cretaceous, far too young for recepticulitids.  However there are a lot of glacial erratics and there are Ordovician outcrops of the Red River Formation and some Silurian formations to the North-East, so I suppose Paleozoic fossils could have been transported by glaciers and deposited near Moose Jaw.



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