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Open Invitation: River Diving South Carolina

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Hey all,

I'm planning a trip to dive the Cooper river April 1st and 2nd.  Four dives per day.

The boat is already reserved, and there are open seats if anyone is interested.

For details please contact me. 

These are my finds from a single dive during my last trip,


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Wow looks like fun!

Wish I could dive!

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2 hours ago, RCFL said:

What thickness wetsuit are you planning to use? 

RCFL: It'll depend on the conditions at the time, but I'll be wearing either a drysuit, or 7mm.

I'm not familiar with the temperature characteristics of your Florida rivers, but in SC the water temp can make big swings fairly rapidly.

You can see in the below chart, between March 10th and March 16th, it dropped by 8 deg f.  If it does that again between now and April 1st I'll be diving dry for sure!

If any one is wondering, the smaller daily temp changes are due to the tide.  Even though we may be 15 miles or so from the ocean, the river flow changes directions a couple times a day due to tidal activity.



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