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I was wondering if it would be possible and what the benefits might be to form a fossil hunting group here in the panhandle? It might help us to get a better idea of what was actually here. I only know of a few papers and some book mentions that include the panhandle and most are from the 30's t0 50's and are mostly shells. We'd need a real paleontologist also.

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Gordon, I think it is a great idea !!   Join the Florida Paleontology Society (FPS) . It is ONLY $20 and you get to go on field trips..

Re_hunt the old spots: I assume you have read these from 1994..



Find other interested fossil seekers and start a discussion with trips.  It is a great hobby and more TFF members is a good thing. 

The Peace River locations that I hunt 2-3 times a week are 130 miles from my home.  Just think of all the possibilities!!


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Thanks shellseeker.  If I ever move back to Florida I will jump all over the FPS.  I don't think that they were around when I was there.  Best

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