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Another T.Rex tooth

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New addition to my tooth collection, this guy is 2.65'' tall and 1'' wide (0.75'' thick). Pretty nice color & enamel on both side and overall great serrations on both sides. The size and lack of any heavy feeding wear suggest to me that this tooth could have come from a younger individual.


Locality: Hell Creek Fm., Powder River Co., Montana.


If you have been looking for one of these you might recognize it from a recent update on a popular online fossil store. Yes it isn't the cheapest route of getting a dinosaur materials but I think its better safe than sorry, especially when it comes to T.Rex. Plus the price is not too far away from all the other T.Rex stuff I have come across.


The seller descried this tooth as having some stabilized cracks... well to me one of the cracks was clearly more than just stabilized;. Nonetheless, it is a very nice tooth and I'm happy with it.






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Nice acquisition!

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