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Good fossil places in Paarnu estonia?


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Hello, i will be visiting paarnu estonia soon and was wondering if there are any good places to visit as a fossil hunter?

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I feel as though we have a member from Estonia somewhere but I forget his/her name. Best I can give you is find a good geologic map, look for sedimentary rocks. Then, look on google maps for rock exposures in that area, or things that would expose rocks (ocean cliffs, deep cutting rivers, roadcuts) these are good places to look. I don't know much about Estonian fossil laws, but make sure you adhere to them, and ask for permission to hunt on private property.

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I recommend to travel into Saaremaa island. You can inspect silurian sedimentary rocks. You can found here fossils type: Atrypa, Atrypida, Baltoeurypterus, Calymene, Camarotoechia, leptaena, Murchisonia, Rugosa, Tabulata.

If you want I can find some photos on russian paleontologic sites.


Also you can search fossils near Tallin, ordovican rocks here. Fossils: Asaphus, Endocerida, Estonioceras, Illaenus, Nautiloidea, Pararaphistoma, Siphonotreta, Tarphycerida

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