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Need help please!

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Oh my I don't know where to start really!

My 10 year old daughter is interested in collecting fossils. Today we have been to Filey beach on the East Coast, UK. 

She found numerous fossils. I think I have managed to help her identify them as ammonite, brachiopod and gryphaea. One however has me stumped and google isn't helping, maybe bone or wood? (to be honest I'm not sure it even is a fossil!) she is proud of her finds and is desperate to know what it is, hence me being here asking for help!

Many thanks in advance 




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Welcome to TFF! to You and Your Daughter!

If You can provide pictures from other angles and a scale it will help with an id.



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It's a piece of a large belemnite rostrum (part of the internal shell of an extinct squid-like mollusc). The circle in the first photo is the cross section of the alveolus/phragmocone.

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Oh wow thank you! So it is a fossil after all! She will be pleased. She found her first ammonite on the beach aged 3 and has looked for them ever since.

Thanks again

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