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Strange Trilobite Pygidium


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59d42de3f1158_WeirdTrilobite.thumb.JPG.af97ae0db52ff9fecc74834f1c561e36.JPGHere's probably the most interesting piece I came across this past summer ....

It's provenance, in the Yukon Territory's northern Ogilvie Mtns., just a bit south of the Arctic Circle, is what might be described as an iconic Ordovician faunal assemblage, rich in large Gastropods, Orthocerid Nautiloids, large horn and tabulate corals and relatively few Brachiopods.

Trilobites, however, seem to have been a bit player in this group ... Over many years, I've found only a half  dozen partial trilobites at that exact spot.  The other pygidia I've found are fairly conventional, similar to Pseudogygites in appearance.  However, the Cephalons I've found there are strange, and appear to belong to another species altogether (I'll post images of these later...).

This thing, with it's array of spines, does not seem to match anything else I've seen ...

It's about 20mm wide X 10mm in height, while what's left of the spines add another 10mm.

Anybody seen one of these?

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It appears to be similar to:  cf. Parapilekia sp. Norford 1964




Norford, B. S. (1964)

Reconnaissance of the Ordovician and Silurian rocks of northern Yukon Territory.

Geolgical Survey Canada, Paper, 63(39):1-139    PDF LINK



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