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Post Oak Creek finds! Need an ID on a few???


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I took a trip up to Sherman, Texas today to sift around the Post Oak Creek. Here are my finds. A few good teeth and fish vertebrae, but mostly bits and pieces and tiny teeth. Do any of you know what the white tooth at the top of the group picture might be? I included a close up. Also the black tooth (?) to the right of the white one. Closeups as well. 

Thanks in advance!!! ;)AC1C593F-5746-477D-9EC0-1DBB20C373E7.jpeg.bb8956664860b9bb1257fdec03dc9e66.jpeg





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The white tooth looks like a horse incisor, to me. :) 

This one: 




Doesn't look like a tooth - more like a river worn rock.

Nice finds, all around. :) 


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I agree with Tim.


Nice finds all around (except the river pebble, but it looks odd anyways.)

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