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Miocene fossil wood?

Napoleon North

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Napoleon North



Is this fossil wood?


Location: Wisła river area  , Kraków ,Southern Poland.




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It almost looks like a part of a mammoth tooth. I am no expert at this, but if it were to be from a mammoth, it would likely be from the Pliocene (or later), which came right after the Miocene. 

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Looks geological to me, maybe banded iron/hematite that was deposited way back when. 


Try and slice or grind the end down to look for cell structure... if a standard test for hematite doesnt work

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I’m not a professional, but I’m certain that is ignious/volcanic rock, as in lava. See how it almost looks like it was melted and then layered. I know nothing about the geology of Poland, but my bet is you have or did have volcanos nearby where you found this. 

I agree it looks a bit like hematite, which for the most part forms at temperatures over 950 degrees C.

However I think it may actually be basalt lava. It appears to have been a low viscosity lava to layer like that.

Try googling basalt lava.




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