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Cen Tex Shark Cartilage

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I found this associated cartilage on one of my outings a couple years ago near Lake Brownwood here in central Texas. It is Pennsylvanian age like most of my stuff. I have been removing matrix and gluing together pieces off and on for over a year but I am about as far as I can go on this puzzle. I was just to late in finding this before the weather had scattered it and softened the edges. As far as ID I am supposing parts of skull or jaw. Still the second most cartilage I have ever found together or at least almost together.

11-26-17 IMG_1127.jpg

11-26-17 IMG_1128.jpg

11-26-17 IMG_1129.jpg

11-26-17 IMG_1130.jpg

11-26-17 IMG_1131.jpg

11-26-17 IMG_1132.jpg

11-26-17 IMG_1133.jpg

11-26-17 IMG_1134.jpg

11-26-17 IMG_1135.jpg

11-26-17 IMG_1137.jpg

11-26-17 IMG_1138.jpg

11-26-17 IMG_1139.jpg

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Nice jig saw puzzle You have there.

Looking good so far, don't give up on it yet.

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As Tony’s said, don’t give up, take a couple more years. Puzzles should get easier as you progress as there are less pieces. 


:popcorn: for your next post on assembly whenever it maybe. 


Oh, I don’t think you have enough glue.... ;) 

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