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Cen Tex, Petalodus

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Went out for a short hunt Sunday after church and found one big broken up Petalodus. I thought I was one rainstorm to late on this one when I saw it because I did not think all the pieces would be there. Got home and was pleasantly surprised that it came out pretty complete. This was found in Brown County, "Penn" near lake Brownwood. Kind of ugly but its big and from a site that I have not found complete ones before.

12-4-17 IMG_1172.jpg

12-4-17 IMG_1173.jpg

12-4-17 IMG_1174.jpg

12-4-17 IMG_1175.jpg

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Nice tooth and good job putting it together and seeing it.   I think Petalodus teeth are super.

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That's awesome! This tooth is much bigger than the largest I've seen in Scotland, great job rescuing it!

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