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As I mentioned; I've spent many years doing searches for my soon to be retirement and adventure. Much of it is mineral related but, I'll chase down a few fossils too. Maybe this is known sites; maybe not.

http://www.uky.edu/KGS/fossils/ (Kentucky info)

http://www.fallsoftheohio.org/collecting.html (Falls of Ohio)

http://www.dcnr.state.pa.us/topogeo/collec...swataraloc.aspx (Pennsylvania)

http://www.mashell.com/~estrauss/pwoodfx.html (WA petrified wood)

MAGMA is a group of very dedicated rocknuts based in NC, but with a nationwide following, they hunt fossils too!


OK, now for a diversion; here's a rocknutz theme song:


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Rain1950 sends another good link to sites! I like this info very much. Thanks again. Who knows, I might get out of FL! But not until Spring at least, muhaha. But looks already like some site in FL I have to check out with locals like Worthy, Darren, Chris, Anson, boom :)



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