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Fossil ID from Estonia, Bay of Finland


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A friend of many years showed me fossils he had found on the beach in Estonia on the Bay of Finland. He asked me what they were. I had never seen anything like it from my area. I told him I would post it for him to see if anyone could ID it.

I have no idea what Formation it is from, but it’s coming from the ocean. He said they’re all over the beach.

Here is a group of them he collected on the beach.405B8AA0-330D-429E-B6AB-73BCAB9DBDE3.thumb.jpeg.0a939b5551701101c7defc231f2ddcd5.jpeg

I’m mostly interested in the long fossils. I don’t have closer pics for the others.


Side 1


Sude 2


End shot



Thanks for any thoughts you may have.

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Hi there!


The long ones look like orthoconic nautiloids to me...



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Cannot help you with an ID but here is a geological map of Estonia.  If it's coming from the shoreline it's pretty old.   Ordovician and older 


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+1 on orthocone nautiloids. Judging by their size, morphology, and location, highly probable they are Ordovician in age.

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Thank you for sharing your insight with me. It is helpful and educational for me.


Any orthocones we find down here in Texas don’t resemble those at all. They tend to be from the Pennsylvanian period. Texas has very little Ordovician (little as compared to the size of Texas) and it is a few hundred miles away. I can’t say that I’ve ever been fossil hunting in anything older than The Mississippian period, but I’m curious to hunt it one day.

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I live in Texas, my friend lives in Tennessee. He is American. We went to high school together. He was traveling on business in Estonia. 

Wow, the heat must be quite an adjustment for you.

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Definitely Orthocones. On the other side of the sea you'll find very similar Ordovician fossils on Öland and Kinnekulle, Sweden. The Ordovician fauna there is very similar to that of Estonia as it shares some species that can be found in Sweden. I have many of these straight Ordovician Orthocones from Sweden that are very similar. What you're seeing are the divides between the inner chambers filled with gas. The outer shell has been worn away.


The curled one, like the Orthocones is also a Nautiloid. I also have a specimen from Kinnekulle, Sweden that is very similar. And I actually used an Estonian species to identify it. The curled ones are much rared in the Ordovician compared to the straight ones.




Some Swedish Orthocone examples from my collection.




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