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Mosasaurus upgraded (Platecarpus?)

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Another marine tetrapod.


To be perfectly clear, This is a commercially bought Model which I changed to my ideas.Like my marine sloth and most of my dino- and other saurian ,models, but not my whales.


I ordered the model from geoworld because some of the line had been quite nice. When I first saw it I didn´t think I could make something for my collection out of it.

Tried it anyway.

Because of the size in my chosen scale of 1/20 I decided to model it on Platecarpus, although I don´t claim to be accurate to even genus level.

It´s just the medium sized Mosasaur to go with my whales and other seacritters.

The flippers may need further detailwork. But for now I am content with the result.

The base is a recent tuna vert by the way.






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Nice, the result has a much better posture.

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Tidgy's Dad

Very impressive.

This would be an excellent centrepiece for my dining table. :)

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The longer I see it, the more I realise that I will have´to rebuild the flippers also. They are the only parts I havent taken apart yet.

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Three years later...


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