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Part 3 (from Washington)


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Able to find me I see. Hope it was easy enough. Here's a few more pictures. They are also masodon. Femur, I believe, & the other part that it fits into to make it a leg.  At this point I'm guessing so correct me if I'm mistaken, please.

My colleague has told me a little about them & where they came from...

...back in the mid sixties, he & his wife-to-be took a trip to Nebraska so that he could get to know her family before they tied the knot. They were at her grandparents place. They were farmers & had quite a bit of acreage that they planted crops on.

Her grandfather took them out to the barn where he had a huge pile of fossilized bones. They had just been authenticated as Mastodon. They were told that a man from the archeology department at the University of Nebraska had been there a few days prior with his findings. Unfortunately, there was no paperwork that came with them.

Take a look. Let me know if this appears to be correct. And on that note I'm signing off (or out). Keep a look out for me as I'll be back later to tell you what I've accomplished so far.  I sure hope I'm on the right track so far.







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You really need something in your pics for size comparison.

Pacy bones are easy to ID so you should get some answers soon.

Jess B

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The tooth is definitely that of a mammoth.
Yes, by tooth, I mean the 8" inch piece


Here are some mammoth tooth examples:    (Yours is in excellent shape!)


(These are not my own teeth, aha)

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Nice ones, especially the molar ! :)
Can you post an image in occlusal view?

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I had to look the word up. I believe this is what you're after. There's been nothing done to this piece as far as cleaning.




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Yes, that's the grinding surface of the tooth. :)

Nice mammoth molar !

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Here's some pics with measurements on others...

Thought I had better pics of these two but can't seem to find them. 








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Tidgy's Dad

Very impressive pieces! :)

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 At aThanks. And think he was going to throw them out by the compost pile! I'm kinda regretting getting involved in this deal with him( owner of fossils). He's trying to back out of our deal after I've spent quite a few hours on the smaller molar. It's okay though cuz I learned a lot for the experience.

If anyone's interested they can be had. Best offer or look for them on everyone's favorite auction online. And, of course I can be reached right here.

Hopefully he won't dog me and renig on our agreement. I hope the others look as good as the first. The difference is amazing.

Anyways, thanx for the cudos. I'm smiling. 



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