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The Amateur Paleontologist

Hello everyone, and welcome to the Møns Klint Paleontological Library! It consists of (mostly) papers dealing with the chalk fauna from the Maastrichtian of Møns Klint, and a few related topics. Entrance fee is 10 eur- just kidding ;) But if you guys want some of the larger PDF's (which can't be attached here), I can send them to you by email.



-Adolfssen & Ward 2014: "Crossing the boundary: an elasmobranch fauna from Stevns Klint, Denmark" - describes the rather extensive record of various shark teeth from Maastrichtian and K-Pg boundary Danish sediments. Most of the specimens described are from Stevns Klint, but two taxa (a possible Megasqualus sp. squalid and Anomotodon plicatus) are represented by material from Møns Klint

Adolfssen & Ward 2014 Danish Chalk elasmobranchs.pdf


-Jørgensen 1979: "The ostracod fauna from the Maastrichtian white chalk of Denmark" - presents an overview of the ostracod fauna from the Danish chalk and compares it to faunas of similar sites (i.e. Rügen)

Jørgensen 1979 Danish chalk ostracod fauna.pdf


-Lindgren & Jagt 2005: "Danish Mosasaurs" - describes the scant remains (2-3 teeth and a few bone scraps) of mosasaurs in Maastrichtian Danish sediments. Recognised taxa include Mosasaurus cf. hoffmanni and Plioplatecarpus sp. Nothing described in the paper was found at Møns Klint (the first mosasaur remains from there had been found 2 years after the publication of this paper), but the material from MK is similar to what is in this paper.

Lindgren & Jagt 2005 Danish Mosasaurs.pdf


-Nielsen & Rosenkrantz 1942: "Martinosigra elongata n. g. et n. sp. a New Echinoid from the White Chalk of Denmark" - describes the Danish record of Martinosigra elongata, a holasteroid (irregular) echinoid; the remains were collected from Møns Klint and Rørdal (northern Jutland). The MK material illustrated in the paper consists of a partial echinoid "neck" 

Nielsen & Rosenkrantz 1942 Martinosigra from the Danish Chalk.pdf


There's more to come...

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The Amateur Paleontologist


-Christensen 2000: "Belemnitella schulzi sp. nov. from the uppermost Campanian and lowest Maastrichtian chalks of northwest Germany and Denmark" - description of a new belemnitid species from the chalk of Kronsmoor (Germany) and Hvide Klint (on the island of Møn, near MK). B. schulzi is used as an index fossil for the Lower Maastrichtian

Christensen 2000 Belemnitella schulzi.pdf


-Jelby et al. 2014: "The lower Maastrichtian Hvidskud succession, Møns Klint, Denmark: calcareous nannofossil biostratigraphy, carbon isotope stratigraphy, and bulk and brachiopod oxygen isotopes" - presents a novel method of zonation and biostratigraphical analysis for the fossil site of Møns Klint based on nanofossils, and carbon and oxygen isotopes.

Jelby et al. 2014 Nanofossil Biostratigraphy of Møns Klint.pdf


-Jørgensen 1974: "A new ostracode species from Maastrichtian White Chalk of Denmark" - description of a new ostracod species, Cytherelloidea tricostata (holotype specimen from Hvide Klint), with a brief review of the ostracod fauna from the Danish Chalk (in the introduction)

Jørgensen 1974 New Danish Chalk ostracod.pdf

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The Amateur Paleontologist

A few more...


-Karl & Lindow 2009: "First evidence of a late Cretaceous marine turtle (Testudines: Chelonioidea) from Denmark" - the paper describes 3 associated peripherals (part of the carapace) of a chelonioid turtle. Even though the specimen was discovered at Stevns Klint, it can be inferred based on the similarity between that site and Møns Klint that turtle material from similar taxa might be found at MK.

Karl & Lindow 2009 SK chelonioid peripherals.pdf


-Nielsen & Jakobsen 2004: Extraction of Calcareous Macrofossils from the Upper Cretaceous White Chalk and other sedimentary carbonates in Denmark and Sweden: The acid - hot water method and the Waterblasting technique" - the title itself is a summary of the paper… ;)

 Nielsen & Jakobsen 2004 Calcareous fossil extraction.pdf


-(in Danish) Wind 1954: "Tylocidaris som Ledeforsteninger i vort øvre Senon og Danien" [Tylocidaris spines from the Upper "Senonian" and Danian - approximate translation] - the tables and figures at the end of the paper can be useful to identify species of Tylocidaris based on their spines. Some of the information in it might be outdated.

Wind 1954 Tylocidaris spines.pdf


-Surlyk 1970: "Two new brachiopods from the Danish white chalk (Maastrichtian)" - describes two new species of the genus RugiaR. tegulata and R. spinosa from the Maastrichtian chalk of Møns Klint (R. tegulata) and Lindholm chalk pit (R. tegulata and Rspinosa).

Surlyk 1970 2 new danish chalk brachiopods.pdf

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The Amateur Paleontologist

-Heinberg 1979: "Bivalves from the white chalk (Maastrichtian) of Denmark, II: Arcoida" - the paper is a general review of arcoid bivalves from the Danish chalk, they belong to the families Limopsidae, Arcidae, Noetidae and Parallelodontidae. 8 new species are named in this paper. The material from Møns Klint belongs to Arca ernaeBarbatia hennigiBathyarca perla and Catella katinkae.

Heinberg 1978 Danish chalk arcoid bivalves.pdf


->The remaining uploadable papers shall be uploaded one by one as they are too large to be attached with another paper.


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The Amateur Paleontologist

-Håkansson & Voigt 1996: "New free-living bryozoans from the northwest European Chalk" - this paper describes 12 new species of lunulitiform free-living bryozoans from Late Cretaceous chalk (11 of them are from the Maastrichtian). One of the taxa described, is endemic to Møns Klint - hence the species name P. moenensis.

Håkansson & Voigt 1996 New Danish chalk bryozoans.pdf


I'll upload within the next few days the remaining uploadable papers. I'll also include a list of papers that will, upon request, be made available via email. Stay tuned… :) 

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The Amateur Paleontologist

New document available at the MKPL! ;) This time, a mosasaur paper!

-Milàn et al. 2017: "First record of Carinodens (Squamata, Mosasauridae) from the uppermost Maastrichtian of Stevns Klint, Denmark" - the paper describes the tooth crown of a "Globidensini" mosasaur, Carinodens minalmamar. Though the specimen is not from Møns Klint, it does demonstrate the possibility of Globidens-like mosasaur remains being found at MK.

Milàn et al. 2017 SK Carinodens.pdf


Next post will be a list of the papers (and 1 book or two…) available upon request - until I've compiled the entire list, enjoy the Stevns Klint Carinodens!


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