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Møns Klint Paleontological Library - The "Storage Facility"

The Amateur Paleontologist

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The Amateur Paleontologist

If you guys might remember from a another tread, I said that some of the documents from the Møns Klint Paleontological Library are too large to be uploaded to TFF. Instead, the papers (see below) can be sent by email. This post can be considered as some sort of "storage facility", where all the records of large files are held. Keep in mind that not all of the papers make a direct reference to Møns Klint's paleo-fauna, but can instead be used as "comparative research material to contextualise and broaden understanding of MK's fossil fauna" (forgive my excess of pedantic language there)


If you wish to have any of the following works, please include your email address and the number(s) of the desired work(s) in your reply. A pdf copy (or copies) shall be sent to you by email upon request. The list of numbered works can be seen below. 



1) Birkelund (1993): "Ammonites from the Maastrichtian White Chalk of Denmark" - complete review of the Danish chalk ammonite fauna, very useful for field ID. Some of the material presented in the paper is from MK


2) Hansen & Surlyk (2014): "Marine macrofossil communities in the uppermost Maastrichtian chalk of Stevns Klint, Denmark" - a good number of the faunal elements reviewed in the paper are very similar (if not identical) to MK


3) Jagt (2000): "Late Cretaceous-Early Paleogene echinoderms and the K/T boundary in the southeast Netherlands and northeast Belgium --- Part 3: Ophiuroids; with a chapter on: Early Maastrichtian ophiuroids from Rügen (northeast Germany) and Møn (Denmark) by Kutscher & Jagt" - this comprehensive review describes a good amount of ophiuroid material from MK


4) Jagt (2000): "Late Cretaceous-Early Paleogene echinoderms and the K/T boundary in the southeast Netherlands and northeast Belgium --- Part 4: Echinoids" - none of the material is from MK but many of the taxa presented in the paper can be found at MK


5) Jagt (2000): "Late Cretaceous-Early Paleogene echinoderms and the K/T boundary in the southeast Netherlands and northeast Belgium --- Part 5: Asteroids" - no material from MK, but many taxa presented in the paper can be found over there. There is a small reference to Pycinaster aff. cornutus marginal ossicles from the Lower Maastrichtian of MK.


6) Jagt et al. (1999): "Giant scaphitid ammonites from the Maastrichtian of Europe" - can be used to identify fossils of Acanthoscaphites and Hoploscaphites (two scaphitid genera from MK)


7) Ravn (1928): [in Danish] "De regulære echinider i Danmarks kridtaflejringer" [the regular echinoids from the Danish Chalk exposures] - somewhat outdated, but can be useful for field ID. It also includes some of the most detailed accounts of regular echinoids from MK


8) Reich et al. (2004): "The echinoderms of the Rügen White Chalk (Maastrichtian, Germany)"- general overview of the echinoderm fauna from the Rügen chalk, which is almost identical to that of MK


9) Reich & Frenzel (2002): [in German with an abstract in English] "Die Fauna ind Flora der Rügener Schreibkreide (Maastrichtium, Ostsee)" [The fauna and flora of the Rügen Chalk (Maastrichtian, Blatic Sea] - very comprehensive account of the fossil fauna from the Rügen chalk, which can be used to ID material from MK due to very similar faunal contents


10) Schlüter et al. (2012): "Late Cretaceous phymosomatids and the true identity of Cidarites granulosus Goldfuss, 1829 (Echinoidea, Phymosomatoida)" - some of the phymosomatid material presented is from MK



So what paper(s) would you want? Feel free to pick any! ;)

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The Amateur Paleontologist

A new document has been "shipped" to the MKPL (thanks to the GEUS), and is available upon request! :)


-Rasmussen (1950): "Cretaceous Asteroidea and Ophiuroidea with special reference to the species found in Denmark" - this large monograph is a must have for all Cretaceous echinoderm workers; despite some information being outdated, this review is comprehensive, with good figures and photographies. Part of the Danish material examined in this publication is from Møns Klint (for instance the goniasterid Metopaster tumidus - see pages 35-37 for material from MK).


->N. B. In this monograph, "Møns Klint" is referred to as "Mön Cliff".


Anyone wants the document? 

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